My Shit-Senses Are Tingling!

According to, that guy that wears those dumb sunglasses nonstop and guitarist The Edge will be providing the music and lyrics to a Broadway musical version of Spider-Man.

Although it’d be no less hilariously awkward if U2 had decided to do this twenty years ago when they were still relevant and good, Spidey would have at least had a much better chance of not being pit against the villainy of poverty and AIDS in Africa in this doomed-from-the-start musical.

But, hey! At least it’ll be directed by Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor! For all of us non-gays, Miss Taymor directed The Lion King musical. You know, the wildly popular adaptation of the classic Disney tale…which takes place in Africa. So Bono, rest easy tonight. Know that all your fears of improper African stage direction are all for naught.

In sort-of-related news, check out my boy Society’s new blog Man of Science, Man of Faith. It’s a joint-venture in mostly movie news. But not shitty movie news. Kickass movie news involving comic books and Reginald VelJohnson.


3 responses to “My Shit-Senses Are Tingling!

  1. Is that your spider-man costume?

  2. Dude. That naked dude in the spider-man body paint was in my dream last night. Freaked the shit out of me.Thanks, jerk.

  3. Hah! Spiderman on Broadway? I smell a road trip!

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