Aerosmith Doesn’t Appreciate Gigantic Mouths

The New York Post‘s Page Six column reports that Steven Tyler may be leaving Aerosmith to pursue, um…over artistic differ…uhh…because Brad Whitford didn’t compliment him on his new, extra-gypsyish mic stand scarf.

Liv Tyler, daughter of frontman Steven Tyler, has been telling people “her dad is going to announce he’s leaving Aerosmith soon because he can’t take how the rest of the band is treating him,” a spy said. “She said they don’t appreciate him.”

Liv then sped away on her bicycle, adding, “Now daddy can sulk on our couch and eat Bon Bons with me when he’s super sad!”


One response to “Aerosmith Doesn’t Appreciate Gigantic Mouths

  1. And he can wear Steven Tyler Pjs!

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