Quickies Are Fun: Edition Starring Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson

Quickies indeed. All of these links appeared on GorillaMask the past couple of days, and as I discovered each, it became gut-wrenchingly difficult not to share them here.

The One You’ve (Not) All Been Waiting For

This one has very much to do with music, so I feel validated in posting it. A sex tape has been leaked which claims to involve White Stripes drummer Meg White. Her people have denied it, but it sure looks a hell of a lot like her. Couple that with the fact that she and Jack backed out of their entire remaining tour less than two weeks before the tape surfaced citing acute anxiety on Meg’s part, and it’s pretty hard not to believe it’s her.

If it is in fact her, part of me feels sorry for her, as she’s clearly shaken up by it and didn’t intend for it to be a public money-maker. Then the other part of me grabs that first other part of me by its nuts and tells it to feel no pain…pansy. She’s famous, she knows it, and she made a sex tape anyway. It got out. They always get out. Because she’s famous. Obviously.

By the way, since when does the media so readily believe a denial such as this without question? What the hell happened to the lusty, blood-thirsty vultures we’ve come to know and love?

UPDATE: This is kinda awesome.

I.Q.? More Like, “I.(li-)Q.”! LOLOL!!1!1

Dorota Rabczewska is a certified Mensa genius. The foxiest of all geniuses. And apparently a famous Polish singer known as Doda Elektroda, too. So there’s your music connection, baby!

What You All Did In Computer Class

With such categories as Water Sports, Robot, Metaphysical, Veggie, and Dinosaur, it’s hard to be let down by this collection of stellar pornographic MS Paint doodles.

Where’s the music, you ask? Well, look no further than this touching Erotic Art piece entitled “Song of My Soul’s Yearning”, then try to tell me that’s not music to your soul.


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