Death Flight For Cutie

Apparently, Death Cab For Cutie’s guitarist Chris Walla recently had his demo-laced hard drive confiscated by airport security before a flight to the United States.

Uh, have you seen this guy? I can only assume that he was yelling about bombs or wearing a T-shirt that said “Nothin’ to see here!” or something asinine like that. I’m all for random and thorough security checks, but come on. Look at this dude. I’ve seen more threatening things run up to Mister Softee trucks in the summer with handfuls of change.

And he’s Canadian.

In the midst of writing this post, I noticed that it was actually a courier from Walla’s record label that had his hard drive confiscated before a flight. This doesn’t really change things, though. Chris Walla is a Canadian indie-rocker. This guy is a courier for a Canadian indie-rocker. Let’s be real.


One response to “Death Flight For Cutie

  1. It actually was a Carrier Pigeon for the Corier for Chris Walla. So even LESS threatening…. wait… bird flu! Now it makes sense.

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