Quickies Are Fun: Bummer Edition

This is a depressing post. I’ll try to ease you into these sad stories, so let’s go from bad to worse.

Chili Peppers Act Like Babies

Out of character for the four, usually easy-going, funk-rockers, the band has sued Showtime over their use of the term “Californication” as the title to their stellar new show which recently wrapped up its first season.

This is distressing for a number of reasons. This is the band itself coming out against the usage…not their management. Read the article for a retarded comment by Kiedis. And though they may have it copyrighted, they certainly didn’t come up with the term. It was created by some corny Oregon resident trying to keep Californians out of his state via a bumper-sticker. Really hard to believe, I know.

Also, the perfectly-titled show kicks ass, and, in many ways, acts very much as a tribute to rock n’ roll and the Chili Peppers in particular. Series title aside, the show is basically a running ad for the band with a character named Dani California and even an episode containing a narration sequence which quotes the album’s title track: “It’s the edge of the world and all of western civilization”.

Flea’s Malibu House Is Crispy

The $4.8 million home fell victim to this weekend’s wildfires. Yeah, right. Likely story, Showtime.

Jimmy Page Replaced By Old Lesbian

Here is Jimmy in 2005 receiving his Officer of the Order of the British Empire from the queen.

Here is Jimmy last week saying his finger will be fine by the Zeppelin reunion date.


Quiet Riot Singer Still Alive? Dead

Kevin DuBrow was 52. And partly responsible for the popularity of provocatively and retardedly misspelled song titles.

Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Found Dead In Tour Bus Bunk

Early reports point to acute asthma as the cause of the 25-year-old Casey Calvert’s death. Acute asthma is totally the new choking-on-your-own-vomit.

Blake Lewis Records Album

Click this link to find out who the hell Blake Lewis is. Apparently, this “Washington-born beatbox virtuoso” is “ready to catch your panties”. So look out, ladies.

Not surprisingly, this article was the only news bit in this post that brought me to tears.


One response to “Quickies Are Fun: Bummer Edition

  1. The first Jimmy Paeg picture makes him look like some Chinese dude.

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