Tom DeLonge Knows Things

Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves stated in a recent podcast on his band’s website that the U.S. government tapped his phones during his last four years with Blink-182. DeLonge, apparently, was in possession of top-secret UFO testimony tapes. The podcast is titled “CODENAME: ILUV MIN,” and DeLonge delves into the subject at, conveniently enough, the 4:20 mark.

I’m listening to the podcast as I type. I’m hoping DeLonge shares some of his clandestine information with the web-surfing public. This could really shake up the very foundation of our nation’s intelligence. At least Tom caught on to The Man’s underhanded intrusiveness. Ok, I’m nearing the 4-minute mar…what was that noise? Sounds like it came from out front. Why is there a running car in my driveway with no headlights on? Must be the pizza I just ordered…that was fast. Does it really take two guys to deliver a pizza? And since when do they wear black suits and ties with sunglasses at night? They’re not even carrying my pizza. Do I still have to tip these assholes?


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