Quickies Are Fun: Pearl’s Killer Jam Edition

I’ve immersed myself in Grandma Pearl’s delicious Jam these past few weeks. Not to say that I don’t usually take a taste almost daily, but lately I’ve been swimmin’ in it. And I’m about to throw approximately 4% of the Jam I’ve been tasting right in your face. Lap it up.

The Second Coming of Pearl Jam

I’ll suggest Rolling Stone’s online-exclusive excerpt over it’s published main article. This is relatively old (as is everything else in this post), but both are a great read if you’ve got the time.


I came across this blog months ago, but didn’t fully appreciate the author’s shared love of Pearl Jam (and likewise, her love of sharing Pearl Jam) until very recently.

Between the articles, interviews, and crap load of downloadable rarities and live tracks she posts, you’ll find it hard not to check in every day to Heather Browne’s music blog. And none of the above is anyway near exclusive to Pearl Jam…She boasts a pretty eclectic and generally good taste in music, with plenty of indie fodder for your inner (or outer) hipster.

Bad Radio

According to the latest scientific studies (source: me), the average shmuck believes that before joining Pearl Jam, Ed Vedder just played with himself for days on end. In reality, while Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were busy with Mother Love Bone, between surfing, pumping gas, and playing with himself, Vedder fronted a funk-rock band called Bad Radio from 1988 to 1990. Starting out as a Chili Peppers cover band, they began writing and recording original material, much of which is still floating around. Among songs such as “Believe You Me”, “Homeless”, and “I’m Alive”, the band’s catalog actually included Vedder’s then-8-year-old pop jewel “Better Man”.

Here they are in action. For better or worse, stick around for the whole tune.

Who Knew?

I knew Vedder had a kid post-divorce. I did not know the mother looked like this.

This is Jill McCormick. She’s an international fashion model. And apparently Vedder’s baby mama. Goddammit. I really didn’t want to ever have to dig up that old giant baby diaper costume again, but how else am I going to seamlessly sneak into bed between those two?


One response to “Quickies Are Fun: Pearl’s Killer Jam Edition

  1. PJ is playing at Bonaroo. Here’s hoping they play the All Points West Fest thats in North Jersey this year. That would be Boner City.

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