Quickies Are Fun: Davy Grolton Edition

Long Road To Ruin

After kicking ass and taking names in the Grammys, it only makes sense that the Foos take on the Daytime Emmys next. Further proof that I need to party with these guys. And that my love for Karen from The Office knows no bounds.

Easy Road To Ryder

I always knew Winona Ryder got around town, but apparently sleeping with her is basically a necessity to becoming a male celebrity. Take a look at this slideshow which notches 21 men up on her bedpost…and these are only the musicians, Grohl included. This highly esteemed and well-respected top ten blog boasts 28 celebrities in total. And, of course, the always reliable NNDB links her to even more musicians, so who the hell knows what astronomical number of men have tagged her kitty to date.

Andy’s Dad

I just really wanted to post this Digital Short, and I somehow managed to pull a connection to Dave Grohl out of my ass in short order to get it included in this Quickie.


Goddamn, The Lonely Island guys need to ditch SNL and just run with their gold material.

Alright, as you might recall, Akiva Shaffer is one third of The Lonely Island, the guys behind SNL’s Digital Shorts. He also directs music videos from time to time, and one of his masterpieces happens to be The Eagles of Death Metal’s “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)”, as seen below. And BAM!, among his friends Jack Black and Josh Homme, Dave Grohl gets a bit part in the video. Solid Gold.


One response to “Quickies Are Fun: Davy Grolton Edition

  1. I can’t even tell you how much I love the eagles of death metal.

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