Chicken Feet Crush Zeppelins

God knows why, but supergroups still get me excited. The latest one to tighten my shorts is set to record in September, and aside from the ridiculous tentative band name Chickenfoot, and the inclusion of the ridiculous ginger Sammy Hagar on vocals, there are a few reasons to keep faith in this collaboration.

Somehow Hagar was able to convince Chad Smith (on hiatus from The Peppers), Joe Satriani, and Michael Anthony to indulge him in this band. The weird gets weirder when you read this asinine quote from Hagar…

When people hear the music, it’s Led Zeppelin. It’s as good as that. I know that’s a mighty bold statement…We could rival Zep.

Yes, Sammy. That is a mighty bold statement. But you do have Satch shredding for you and the greatest, tallest, and funniest celebrity look-alike drummer the rock world has ever seen. So I’ll shut up until I hear the music, and continue trying to think of how I can add Michael Anthony to this band press photo I dreamed up.


4 responses to “Chicken Feet Crush Zeppelins

  1. Amazing Press Photo. Sammy Hagar and Carrot Top do look alike.Also, I like what Anthony Keidas had to say about the free music Radiohead and NIN are putting out. He just lets that shit go to the wind.

  2. That portion of the article really stood out to me, too. We don’t need every artist to be devoting all their time to trying to outdo the last with respect to innovations in distribution. The pieces will fall into place eventually.

  3. Has Sammy Hagar ever been involved with anything but great??? And Michael Anthony on Base & The absolutely awesome Joe Satrianni…
    Compare to carrot Top??? Get a life and welcome this collaboration. Anything with musical talent instead of some dancing female bimbo or rap music all full of talentless so called musicians with only dance moves and no instrument talent!!! Bring back real talent & Shit can all of this so called bullshit music!!!


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