Foo Fighters Are Culinary Experts

So, I’m a bit late on this post. And by “I’m a bit late,” I mean “The moment has completely passed”. But since I’m no quitter (in important things, not stuff like work, relationships, and life), I’m going ahead with it anyway.

Foo Fighters were guest-judges on Bravo’s Top Chef Thanksgiving episode this past Wednesday night. It seems Dave Grohl is a fan of the show, and since I’m a fan of Dave Grohl and the show and Padma’s cleavage culinary critiquing, I figured this was worth a post.

I haven’t yet seen the episode, but I will no doubt come across it soon on one of Bravo’s many Top Chef marathons. Some expectations I have for this episode include Grohl continuing to chew his giant wad of gum through a taste-test of some schlub’s crappy scallop dish, Padma losing her composure (and top) in Grohl’s presence like a 47-year old Jersey mom at a Bon Jovi concert, and this guy…


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