Chris Cornell Is Twitted Upon

Chris Cornell’s awkward new album Scream has already, at its best, received mixed reviews and, at its worst, has been castigated by a number of critics and fans (Check out Greg Howe’s review on his new blog. He’s not this Greg Howe, but goshdarnit, he’s just as cute). The Timbaland collaboration, however, somehow landed at number 10 on last week’s Billboard 200, but at least one of Cornell’s peers shares the “What the fuck?” sentiment echoed by so many music lovers and went public with it. And by “went public with it,” I mean he posted some shit on Twitter.

Basically, Trent Reznor said he was embarrassed for Cornell after listening to the record, and Cornell responded by calling him Judas and gave him the ol’ “Let he who is without sin…” bit. In subsequent twits (twats?), he got weird and continued taking the biblical references in non-Reznor-related directions. I think. I don’t know. I can’t even believe I’m posting about this. This shit is boring, and I feel like a little gossip queen. The only thing I got out of this is confirmation that I’m still on the fence about Twitter (celebrity twittering, especially) and the knowledge from Chris that Ben Stiller unsuccessfully tried to remake Jesus Christ Superstar and thought Cornell should play Jesus. That would still be less awkward than Scream.


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