Quickies Are Fun: How Is This Guy Famous? Edition

Kevin Rudolf Is A Looker

I’m glad to see Jay Sherman is making a comeback. I always thought The Critic was underappreciated.

Is This A Joke?

How is Soulja Boy a legitimate musical act and Wesley Willis died in relative obscurity? Is this a big joke on the general “Top 40”-listening public?

Introducing SMAP

Ok, actually this guy definitely deserves to be famous. SMAP is holding his ass back, figurately and literally, apparently. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is a goddamn rockstar, not boyband material.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of the Japanese pop music group SMAP, was arrested Thursday for public indecency after stripping naked while under the influence of alcohol at a Tokyo park, causing ripples not only in the nation but in South Korea, where the singer, who is fluent in Korean, is also popular. After arresting the 34-year-old Kusanagi, police searched his home in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, spurring numerous telephone calls from his fans in protest. The suspect admitted to stripping naked and told investigators, ”I regret what I did. I don’t remember how I went to the park, and why I became naked,” according to the police.

Oh, and in related news…tasered wizard micropenis.


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