We're Back back hair racetrack NASCAR Dale Earnhardt 3

You’ll have to excuse my absence the last year and a half.  In the interest of full disclosure, I feel comfortable enough now to tell you that I turned down a $55 million blogging contract and fled to South Africa.  The 1 hour workdays, pressure from the suits…It was all too stressful, man, you have no idea.  It had nothing to do with drugs or mental instability…Don’t believe what they tell you!

Feeling refreshed, I’m diving headfirst back into ridiculing the inherently ridiculous aspects of music, its business, artists, and fans.  And I’ve moved it all over to WordPress and re-christened it, as you could probably already tell.

And don’t you worry about me getting fairly compensated for my talent for bringing you music news on a (hopefully) daily basis…I’ve worked out a new deal that I’m pretty excited about.  Let’s just say I’ll never again have to pay for handfuls of rice anytime in the near future.  CHA-CHING!


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