Drew Barrymore flashes David Letterman on The Late Show

The band thanked Drew for the first flash given at a Radiohead concert.

With the upcoming March 28 release of Radiohead’s tangible version of their newest record The King of Limbs, a preview of the sleeve and artwork has revealed a “thank you” from the band directed toward Drew Barrymore.  Specifically,…

“A big thank you very much indeed to Drew Barrymore.” [via NME]

Some fan theories as to why the band has thanked Barrymore inclu….unnggghhh, I don’t care.  What’s the exact opposite of “newsworthy”?  Because that’s what this is.  I’m gonna be honest with you, I just didn’t want to use today’s post to cover the story about Chris Brown hulking out on Good Morning America’s dressing room that’s already been all over the media today.  Plus, it was a good excuse to post that banner photo and remind us all of the 20-year-old, attractive, care-free Drew Barrymore of yesteryear.  And really, who’s to say that this is even the Drew Barrymore that Radiohead’s referring to?  Why can’t it be, say, this Drew Barrymore

Andrew Barrymore MySpace photo

He’s a single Chief Executive with a passion for kindness and a desire to meet someone who shares his thoughts on Santa Claus.  Maybe Thom Yorke came across his MySpace page one day and felt inspired.  And…holy crap, he’s from the UK!  He could have run into him on the street!  Is anyone still reading this?  Because you’re witnessing peerless investigative journalism, first-hand.  I hope you’re taking notes.


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