Rebecca Black For Orchestra Friday

There have been more remixes of the Rebecca Black/ARK Music Factory-created monster “Friday” than I can count (including the bad-ass death metal one that you’ve hopefully already seen), but a new one has entered the ring which takes it in a decidedly different direction: making it musically pleasing to the ears.  It’s an orchestral arrangement of the song, and it’s worth a view or listen to at least reward the composer (For Orchestra) for his, most likely, exorbitant amount of time spent listening to the track, breaking it down musically, and rebuilding it piece-by-bubblegummy-teenyboppy-piece.  May God bless his soul.

The nicest part about the video below is that you get to enjoy the piece of music as just that…music and melody, without the ear-shanking vocals that seem to defy the melodic laws of auto-tune, but with the music video footage still largely intact, enabling you to continue to laugh at the many stupid faces and ridiculous scenes you’ve come to love.

I think this is an appropriate time to express my disdain toward the people that seem genuinely angry and/or disappointed in “pop culture” for making “Friday” a Billboard and iTunes success.  You’re missing the point, dopes.  Yes, it’s an awful and ludicrous song.  But, it’s equally hilarious and entertaining.  What it means to attain mainstream success today is nothing like what it meant 50, 25, 10, or even 5 years ago.  “Internet culture”, not “pop culture,” is to blame here, and I use “blame” in completely positive regard.  The lag between the time when internet culture discovers, latches onto, and embraces something and the time when mainstream media follows the internet’s crumbs and picks up the story is increasingly smaller.  The internet embraced “Friday” for exactly what it is…an awful and ridiculous, but hilarious and catchy, song and video.  Mainstream media and pop culture followed suit.  And why shouldn’t Rebecca and ARK Music Factory be rewarded through fame or fortune, as small or as fleeting as they’ll likely be?  They created something that entertained the hell out of me and a lot of other people.  And until the internet and I get bored of them, let them live it up.



  1. Great post. Rebecca Black is pretty terrible, but not far off from the likes of Katy Perry. So if you claim to enjoy the latest trashy video from a “legitimate” pop singer, than the likes of Rebecca Black are worthy of getting some cash for selling their equally shitty music. No one complained when the auto-tuend Antoinne Dodgson hit “Raping Errybody Here” or whatever the fuck it’s called hit the Billboard sharts. And yes, they should be renamed the Billboard Sharts.

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