Emily Rossum hot

Emily Rossum likes her Cake in bed.

Cake has released a new music music today for its song “Long Time,” and it’s pretty terrible.  Utilizing low-budget CGI, it gives me that almost nauseous feeling I get when I watch sh*tty local business or radio station commercials, to which I’d mistakenly thought that outdated technology was relegated.  And you can almost smell the Frenchness of its creators Callicore Films through your monitor.  And it’s not a good smell.  You can check the video out here, and the song, sans official video, after the cut.

The song itself, on the other hand, I dig.  It’s off their latest album Showroom of Compassion, and I was immediately drawn to it when I heard it pop up during the season finale of Showtime’s Shameless last Sunday.  Which, incidentally, had been rocking some great songs all season.  Like this Jimmy Eat World song, which played over the finale’s closing scenes.  Or this Earl Greyhound song, an old favorite of mine, in episode 8.  You can’t ask for much more than a great TV drama/comedy with a great soundtrack.  Well, I suppose you could ask for more nude and sex scenes, but Emily Rossum, Laura Slade Wiggins, and Shanola Hampton have that pretty well covered.  Like, every episode.  [via Antiquiet]


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