New York’s Tribeca Film Festival will see the premiere of a documentary focusing on the religious upbringing and musical career of the Kings of Leon.  Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon is premiering as a “work-in-progress,” which is weird (Is that a regular occurrence at film festivals?  Why couldn’t they wait until next year?), but it gives me hope that more chapters in the band’s history will be included than the scenes from the trailer above let on.  Very specifically, that time last summer when the band was firebombed by a flock of pigeons during a show in St. Louis.  And if the filmmakers were smart they’d make that sh*t 3D.  I mean literally, make the bird sh*t 3D.  Or, dare I say, 4D.  Like somewhere between an Disney/MGM Studios “Alien Encounter” experience and a Charlie Sheen “Watching Jaws On A Projection Screen On A Yacht In The Middle Of The Ocean” experience.  I smell big box office numbers for that one.  Or is that bird poop?  One, or two, or neither of those things are odorless…I forget.

[via Some Kind of Awesome]


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