Foo Fighters Wasting Light album sticker

You don't say?

Wow, I’ve haven’t read about or seen Foo Fighters since last night’s Letterman performance.  Maybe we’ve finally escaped this nonstop, two-week barrage of interviews, performances, documentaries, leaked tracks, home invasions, etc.  Phew, I was starting to bre….what’s that?…oh, no…wha?…oh, jesus…aw, come on…

The Foo Fighters released their well-received new album Wasting Light yesterday, but in an innovative move they also included a few inches of the master tape that the album was originally recorded to.

Speaking to LA Weekly, Dave Grohl explained the motivation behind their move.  “Everyone was so precious about tapes, so afraid they’re gonna shed or break or something will happen to them … and that just made me want to destroy it. I thought, ‘let’s chop it up into a million pieces, and give it to the people who buy the album so they can hold it in their hands and see it.'”

Although this is reportedly the original master tape, the band still have backups and digital copies at ultra-high digital resolutions for potential use in games such as Guitar Hero.  [via]

All right, guys.  WE GET IT.  You were roughin’ it for the recording process.  In Dave’s garage.  On tape.  Enough.

I love Foo Fighters.  I like the new album.  It’s a good rock record and a good Foo record (albeit disappointing against the harder rocking hype built around the lone balls-to-the-wall track “White Limo”).  I just don’t want to hear about it anymore.  At all.  Even the entire last 20 minutes of their documentary Back And Forth (which I loved) was, predictably, just an extended commercial for the new record.

The movie’s out.  The album’s out.  It’s gotten good reviews.  It’s already selling well.  Move on, Dave.  Specifically, toward completing the second Vultures record.

After the cut, I’ve got a Wasting Light bonus track called “Better Off” for you fools.


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