Hayley Williams

For some reason, Hayley Williams of Paramore was talking to Cosmopolitan recently, and for some other reason, she was telling them about a stupid tattoo she’d just gotten.

Apparently, Williams would often go without shaving on tour and, in anticipation of the group’s summer schedule, got a tattoo of a razor on her ankle with the words “Shave Me” next to it.

Williams told Cosmopolitan, “I got this because we’d be on tour and I wouldn’t shave for weeks. The guys would pull up my pants and write ‘Shave Me.’ Eventually, I got it tattooed on as a little reminder.”  [via Gibson.com]

I’m going to avoid the obvious joke here because I want to show my mom that I’m more mature than you perverts.  Just kidding, my mom doesn’t read this garbage.  But I will ask this…Who’s luckier in this scenario to have chosen a career in music?  The girl who can get a dumb tattoo on her ankle that she’ll surely later regret or the guys who can pull up their female coworker’s pant leg without any repercussions?  Rock n’ roll!  Wooo!


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