Jason Bonham funny

This is me killing two sweet Jason Bonham photo birds with one stone.

Think back to the fervor surrounding the Led Zeppelin one-off London reunion show in December of 2007, and you’ll remember that the band, which included late drummer John Bonham’s son Jason, toyed with the idea of reuniting for a tour and/or album for months in the wake of the successful show.  The media couldn’t get enough of it, until Robert Plant backed out for good and put the rumors to bed.

Well, the band apparently went so far as to begin writing new material, as Jason Bonham reveals this week that a track off of his band’s forthcoming album is the completion of an unfinished song born during those Zeppelin sessions.

Now the son of iconic drummer John Bonham says he’s finished the piece and recorded it with [his Black Country Communion] bandmates Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa and Derek Sherinian.

He tells the Toronto Sun: “It’s a song called Save Me. Is started off as an idea I worked on with Jimmy and John. You’ll notice it – there’s a slight Zepesque riff – It’s got a definite feel to it.”

Bonham is glad to have finished the track because it gives him some closure after the disappointment of the Zep project’s failure.

“I was very much under the impression that we were going to write an album and put together a new project,” he says. “But in early December 2008 it all came to a halt. It was a hard thing for me to get over for a while – I’d just played the concert of my life.”  [Toronto Sun via Rock News Desk]

Color me interested.  A new song from half of the “the greatest cover band in the world” would still likely cause a stirring in my loins.  Especially after knowing what Jones is capable of outside of his Zep and solo bodies of work (*waves excitedly at a poster of Them Crooked Vultures*)


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