Jimi Hendrix Buddy Miles

"Buddy Miles, man...You gotta try my funnel cake!"

For all you Jimi Hendrix fans out there who have been clamoring to get the chance to skip across “lyrical stepping stones” in his honor, wait no more!  An existing Seattle park is being rebuilt as the Jimi Hendrix Park.

The organisers at the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation aim to make the park a focal point for multi-cultural events for the community, which will be decorated in lyrical stepping stones, rain drums and sculptures.

Now the group behind the large-scale memorial have selected a design team to put the dream into action, who will “envision landscape and structural elements that will transform a swath of turf adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum into a living tribute to the musical genius of Seattle native Jimi Hendrix.”  [Central District News via]

The headline I saw attached to this was “Jimi Hendrix Theme Park Gets Green Light,” which was a little misleading, but, I think we can all agree, would’ve been way cooler.  Let’s pretend this really is going to be a theme park, and allow me to play the role of a stuffy, out-of-touch, white-haired corporate head brainstorming hacky ideas for attractions…

  • Tunnel of Love or Confusion
  • Haunted Castle Made of Sand
  • Room Full of Mirrors (phew!…didn’t have to do any work for that one)
  • Dolly Dagger Toss
  • Machine Gun Arcade
  • Look Over Yonder Ferris Wheel
  • “Hey Joe, Guess My Weight!”
  • I Don’t Live Tomorrow Roller Coaster
  • “Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy” Kissing Booth

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