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Bono in South Park as a turd crap

For some reason, Bono took it upon himself to hand out R.E.M.’s latest album to passers by outside of the New York City Italian restaurant Osteria Morini Saturday night.  He was celebrating his wife’s 50th birthday with friends Michael Stipe and The Edge.  I can only assume that the restaurant had a strict limit on how many copies of Collapse Into Now they could use as coasters, so what was Bono to do?

A spy reports, “He was asking people loitering outside if they wanted a CD. Bono was largely ignored, with some looking at him like he was a crazy person until one girl recognized him and snapped up the disc.” [NY Post via NME]

Why is anyone surprised that he was ignored?  People walk past turds on New York City sidewalks every day.  And if the wind catches it right, that person’s gonna react with a face that looks like they just saw a crazy guy.

"Stone Has A Beard. It’s Glorious."

As I type, Pearl Jam is just digging into their set at the SusquetweeE-Center in Camden…playing their first of two nights.

And around this time last night, this was happening across the river in Philly…

You can download the live track here.

I would’ve hopped up onto stage too, but I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from Eddie and Michael. It just would have been a jerk move.