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Ringo Starr Thomas The Tank Engine

"Shining Time Station would be filthier than a Jersey truck stop if they hadn't recruited me as their conductor."

For those of you who are wondering if Ringo Starr is still a self-important assh*le, I can report to you today that yes, yes he most certainly is still a self-important assh*le.  Not content with simply refusing to accept any more fan mail in his lifetime (a promise he made to his fans in October of 2008 in the video after the cut), Starr forges ahead in his quest to become the least likable Beatle, living or otherwise, with his recent interview with the Daily Mail’s Live Magazine in which he asserts that the he was a cool “big shot” when the rest of the band found him and that they were “lucky” to recruit him.

The sticksman, who replaced original drummer Pete Best two years after the Fab Four got together to form a band in 1960, claimed he was already a star in his former band Rory And The Hurricanes before he joined Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

“Within Liverpool I was a lot more well known than them,” he told the Daily Mail’s Live Magazine. Rory And The Hurricanes were big shots in the city. We had suits. That was our claim to fame. They were lucky to get me. It wasn’t just that I was a big shot, I was a cool drummer.”  [via NME]

For all you uncultured swine reading this who are unfamiliar with British slang, allow me to translate….

  • “sticksman” <=> “drummer”
  • “lucky” <=> “smart”
  • “a big shot” <=> “less attractive than them
  • “cool” <=> “simple, pop-song-ready”

And that concludes today’s lesson.  For tomorrow’s class, please read your textbook’s Forward by noted English dialectician Mr. Bean.

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