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Quickies Are Fun: This Sounds Familiar Edition

Pearly Jams

In celebration of Pearl Jam’s re-issue of their badass debut album Ten, MTV asked a few artists to cover some album tracks for their program no one’s heard of called Rock The Deuce. Below is a cool one of “Why Go”, by P.O.S. Here’s a link to some other covers and clips, because I know you’re all clamoring to hear The Academy Is… cover “Jeremy” or learn whether or not Hoobastank really think they sound like Pearl Jam.

Also, I can’t resist the terrible and obvious lyrical-pun-doubling-as-name-dropping-of-my-own-blog here, so here goes…Gives new meaning to “scratches a letter”, doesn’t it?! Eh? No? Aw, c’mon…

Chickenfoot Has Arrived…

…and it’s sounding tasty.

Super Wayne’s World

Has anyone noticed that Dr. Carter samples Super Mario World’s castle theme? Does Weezy give credit in the liners? Hip Hop needs more Nintendo.

Chicken Feet Crush Zeppelins

God knows why, but supergroups still get me excited. The latest one to tighten my shorts is set to record in September, and aside from the ridiculous tentative band name Chickenfoot, and the inclusion of the ridiculous ginger Sammy Hagar on vocals, there are a few reasons to keep faith in this collaboration.

Somehow Hagar was able to convince Chad Smith (on hiatus from The Peppers), Joe Satriani, and Michael Anthony to indulge him in this band. The weird gets weirder when you read this asinine quote from Hagar…

When people hear the music, it’s Led Zeppelin. It’s as good as that. I know that’s a mighty bold statement…We could rival Zep.

Yes, Sammy. That is a mighty bold statement. But you do have Satch shredding for you and the greatest, tallest, and funniest celebrity look-alike drummer the rock world has ever seen. So I’ll shut up until I hear the music, and continue trying to think of how I can add Michael Anthony to this band press photo I dreamed up.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

I imagine that if I was at all a fan of Van Halen, I would be a little pissed at the news that Wolfgang Van Halen, the doughy, most likely spoiled, prepubescent son of Eddie will be replacing Michael Anthony on bass for the world-tour reunion of that mess of a band and a possible new album. Rather, I’m drooling over the idea of three Van Halens versus one Lee Roth in a fight to the greasy-haired, awful-pun-making rocker death on the world’s stage.